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D3 Sre Nano Oral Solution 5ml
D3 Sre Nano Oral Solution 5ml
D3 Sre Nano Oral Solution 5ml
D3 Sre Nano Oral Solution 5ml

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two different ways to send us your prescriptions. Either tell your physician you'd like your medicine sent to Uptown Pharmacy or fill the form to transfer your prescriptions straightforwardly to us. You'll require our E-scribe No, which is 2372693. What's more, in case you have a paper prescription, you can drop it off at an Uptown Pharmacy.

We make it simple to switch over to Uptown form. Simply give us some data about your present prescriptions, and we'll take it from there.

You don't have to keep track of the dates. We manage your refills and send them to you on time. We'll coordinate with your doctor and insurance company to make sure you never run out of your medication.

Yes, we do. Make sure you have your ID on hand, and that you can sign for your delivery.

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